Our brain only needs a split of a second to make up our mind on a stranger – and this impression is lasting.

Trustworthy and pleasant

A nice and professional application photo increases your chances of a positive first impression or even a job. We’ll assist you so you wont be turned down – not because of your photo. Our studio offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere and we’ll take enough time for the perfect photos. Once we’ve finished shooting, we’ll give you photos the perfect touch.

We now excactly what to whatch out for, which clothes are best for your photos and if we should shoot our photos in our studio or outside at a special location. We’ld be happy assisting you getting a step further to your dream job. We make you special.

Don’t save on your application photos. Be honest, have you ever seen nice application photos out of a photobooth at a trainstation? Investing in excellent application photos means investing in your futher.

You’ll receive your photos as digital pictures so you can use them without quality loss through scanning right away for your online application. All photos are digital retouched so you’ll have no annoying hairs or flaws ruining your photo.

  • Application photos shooting: 79,- EUR (approx. 45min)
  • one photo as digital file included
  • Basic photo retouch included
  • every further digital image 20,- EUR

You’ll receive a basic license so you can use your photos for your application, personal webpage or in social media.
We offer individual packages for Commercial clients
: here

Choose the right outfit for you job!

Women should make up a little and stick to unflashy jewellery. Men should be shaved well and have a nice haircut. Don’t forget to ion your clothes! Stick to 3 colours at most.

You can do anything wrong if you wear a suit (grey, black, dark blue) and a shirt (white, grey, light, dark) without any logos or prints on them.

  • Usually application photos are potraits that only show the upper part of your body. However, we do offer full body photos.
  • It’s best to wear what you’ld put on for you job interview.
  • Please check your underwear doesn’t shine through!

coffee is free in our studio with a relaxed atmosphere!

This offer is limited on non-commercial customers. All prices are incl. 19% VAT.